June 06, 2013

Extract from Vision Australia Radio

Yummy Jells!
Finally whilst on sweet things – a couple of sample packets of a new premium jelly confectionery aimed at us adults called Fino Jells has just lobbed on my doorstep!
Fino Jells are a premium pectin jell confection, with a silky smooth texture and are flavoured with natural flavours.
Pectin is a soluble fibre extracted from fruit and vegetables (mainly the peel of citrus fruits) and is used as a gelling agent.  Unlike gelatine which is derived from animal by-products, pectin is natural plant-based gelling alternative.
All of the ingredients in Fino Jells are free from any unnatural additives; the fruit flavours are extracted from natural fruits; the colours are naturally derived from plants, fruits and vegetables; the Citric acid and Sodium Citrate are made by natural fermentation processes and the sugar is from sugar cane.
What’s more they are Vegan, Kosher- certified and Gluten and Fat-free.
They retail for RRP $5.99 and are available from among other places, Coles Supermarkets in Citrus and or Berry flavours.
And best of all they taste great!